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John Benton’s Booklets

We are working to make John Benton’s pastoral booklets available for download from this page.
Latest Booklets
  • Church Membership – Forging strong congregations (download)
  • One Another – Some of the New Testament’s teaching on how Christians should relate to each other as members of the church (download)
  • Male Leadership in Church – How should it work? (download)
  • Demonic Activity Today – A rough guide for pastors (download)
  • The Woke Agenda – A guide for pastors (download)
  • Gender Confusion – A briefing for Bible Christians (download)
  • Freedom and Humanity in the Churches – leaders and congregations who grow people for Christ (download)
  • Online church? – lockdown and digital technology have raised questions (download)
  • Rebuilding church after lockdown (download)
  • Soft Totalitarianism – a wake up call to the churches (download)
  • The Balanced Pastor – challenges in caring for the church (download)
  • Taming Dragons – a pastoral response to destructive people in the church (download)
  • Preaching – when Jesus speaks today (download)
  • Preaching to an Unresponsive Congregation – does your church have ears to hear? (download)
  • Topical Preaching – what is it and why we need it (download)
Church Structure
  • Elders for better or worse? – Reconsidering eldership in the local church (download)
  • Eldership – a brief summary of Biblical teaching (download)
  • A New Christian’s Guide to the Churches – Robert Strivens (download)
  • Deacons – A sketch of the New Testament’s teaching (download)
Issues for Pastors
  • Time Management for Pastors – Being a good minister when you can’t do everything. (download)
  • A Praying Pastor – when only God is looking (download)
  • Seven Safeguards For Ministry Families – healthy attitudes for a pastor’s household (download)
  • Pastor Nobody – Encouragements for God’s forgotten heroes (download)
  • Seven Disillusioned Pastors –  Why you should think twice
    before giving up in ministry –  (download)
Useful Studies for a Church
  • The Bible and our Daily Work – a brief summary of biblical teaching (download)
  • Holiness – tracking the New Testament pathway (download)
  • Tulip – finding Jesus in the five points of Calvinism (download)
  • The Bible and Workplace issues – some biblical teaching (download)