Pastors' Academy

Study Projects

We specialise in two types of project for pastors: Tailor-Made Study Projects and Preaching Projects.
Preaching Projects

When did you last receive detailed, thoughtful feedback on your preaching? How recently have you stepped back to consider how you go about preparing and delivering sermons?

A preaching project involves meeting with one of our faculty members to review your whole process of preaching, to discuss feedback on three of your recent sermons, and to undertake some inspiring reading to refresh your vision for the task.

You can take a preaching project during a dedicated period of study leave or alongside your regular ministry.

Tailor-Made Study Projects

This type of project enables you to study a topic or topics of your own choice within the time you have available.

Before you start we will meet with you to help refine your ideas and create a realistic proposal and study plan for the time you have available. During the project we will meet with you a number of times to discuss what you are learning and to develop your studies toward some kind of written output. This could be a traditional essay or it might be a series of teaching sessions for your church.


When you undertake a project with us you will have access to the library facilities at London Seminary. We can usually provide accommodation for occasional nights or longer periods (currently £25 per night). Meals are available during term time, and kitchen facilities are available during vacations. Supervision is charged per hour (currently £35). Please contact us for the full list of fees.

What next?

Please do get in touch if you are interested in pursuing a project. Please provide information about the type of Study Project you are interested in, details of your current ministry, and, for the tailor-made option, the topic(s) you wish to study.