Upcoming Activities

The consistent message I am hearing from pastors at the moment is that the lockdown has made them more not less busy. But maybe the extra burdens of the initial set-up will ease, allowing you some time to make the most of this unusual season.

We have altered our plans for the coming term and are pleased to be able to offer you some new opportunities to keep learning and growing online.

We hope that you will find something among our offerings to strengthen you in your vital work at this difficult time.

Online Ethics Day

‘The Wounded it Heals: The Gospel and the Ethics of Transgender’ with Matthew Mason will not now run on Thursday 21st May but will run online on Wednesday 17th June. You can book here.

Online Greek Day

Neil Martin will teach Galatians 3 on 19th May. He writes: ‘Aiming to serve pastors and lay leaders with widely ranging levels of facility with the language, this excursion into the theological heart of Paul’s letter to the converts in Galatia will aim to provide encouragement for all as students of Greek, as pastors, and as believers seeking to know and follow and honour Christ more truly.’ Book here.

Online Hebrew Day

David Green will teach Psalm 103 on 26th May. What a glorious Psalm! Book here.

Online Pastoral Studies Day

John Benton and Malcolm MacGregor have changed the topic for their day on 7th May and will now teach on ‘Comforting the Dying’, ‘Helping the Bereaved’ and ‘A Day with God’ (on prayer). Book here.

Online Overseas Doctrine Days

‘Preaching the God-Man: Defending and Delighting in the Incarnation’. The UK tour for the new doctrine day is on hold, but in the meantime we are running it online for pastors from outside the UK, in three time zones (Americas, GMT, Far East). If you know of pastors or missionaries overseas who might be interested, or if you are overseas yourself, please do let us know on . We will then send you a mailing with details to forward to them.

Online Ethics Reading Group

Matthew Mason will be leading an ethics reading group, starting with two sessions on ‘Calvin on Prayer’ in the Institutes. Later meetings will look at Sharon James’s Gender Ideology, C. S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man, and then there will be four sessions on Oliver O’Donovan’s Resurrection and Moral Order.

Each session on Calvin will run twice to give you some flexibility on when to join:

Session 1: Wednesday 13th May, 11am OR Thursday 14th May, 3pm: Institutes, III. xx. 1-33.
Session 2: Wednesday 27th May, 11 am OR Thursday 28th May, 3pm: Institutes, III. xx. 34-52.

Find out more and book here.