The Religious History of Ireland

The religious history of Ireland is both complex and fascinating, inextricably linked to Irish politics and culture.  There is surely no better guide than Dr Crawford Gribben, Professor of Queen’s University, Belfast.  He has already written a number of book and articles on this theme, and is currently completing a new book The rise and fall of Christian Ireland, due to be published by OUP in 2021.

Dr Gribben will be giving a week of special lectures at London Seminary 9-12 June 2020, as part of our pastoral training course.  He will be outlining the long religious history of Ireland since 3000BC, drawing out lessons not only of church history but also missiology and culture.  The lectures will be given over Zoom.

The first day of lectures on Tuesday 9 June is open to all, on registration. If you would like to access other day(s) of lectures, please contact