The Church in the World – special lectures with Jonathan Leeman

We are please to announce that Jonathan Leman will be taking our special lectures this year 8-11 June (sadly, Jonathan will be lecturing over Zoom due to travel restrictions). We are opening up this week of lectures to pastors and church members. Ticket options include in-person at the seminary which includes lunch and the opportunity to mix with students and fellow pastors on either Tuesday or Thursday, single day online tickets and a full week ticket online via Zoom.

Here is a summary of the lecture series provided by Jonathan: The Church in the World: What is a church and where does it fit onto the landscape of a nation? What’s the relationship between religion and politics, and is that the same thing as the relationship between church and state? What’s the church’s mission and how do Christians live individually and corporately as citizens of heaven here and now? What is justice and are a Christian’s responsibilities for doing justice different than a church’s? These are the kinds of questions to be tackled in this course, which brings together the two fields of ecclesiology and political theology.

Dr Jonathan Leeman is the editorial director for 9Marks. He is the author of a number of books, including Political Church: The Local Church As Embassy Of Christ’s Rule and How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age.…/jonathan-leeman-special…