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Equipping and strengthening those engaged in ministry to women

Designed for women who are serving their local church in ministry to women, to encourage and further prepare them for spiritually effective service.

Teaching combines in-depth theological study with practical training on how to apply it to real-life situations that women in ministry face.

The course includes study of Old and New Testaments and Doctrine alongside practical issues such as evangelism, engaging with culture in a Biblical way, pastoral care in hurt and conflict, helping women to grow spiritually and supporting them in singleness, marriage, and parenting.  Taught sessions are directly applied to each individual’s situation through discussions with their mentor.  Our students greatly value the relationships with other women in ministry that they develop through the course, whether their tutors and mentors or fellow students.   There are no exams or essays to write, however set pre-reading helps maximise the benefit of the lectures.

The first year is a stand-alone course, but many women choose to add a second year to focus on additional areas of ministry in greater depth.

The programme is delivered at London Seminary one day a month from September to June, with the opportunity to join by Zoom where attending London isn’t possible for a candidate – see Programme for more information.


22 Sep 2022

Applying OT Narrative, David Green
Scripture, Garry Williams
Exploring the Bible’s teaching on womanhood, Julia Jones 

13 Oct 2022

Applying OT Narrative, David Green
Doctrine of God – The Trinity, Garry Williams
Helping women grow & equipping women to lead, Leonie Lucas 

10 Nov 2022

Interpreting OT Prophecy, David Green
Person of Christ – Jesus God & Man, Garry Williams
Engaging with Secular Culture, Sarah Allen 

8 Dec 2022

Interpreting OT Prophecy, David Green
The Holy Spirit, Garry Williams
Supporting Marriages & helping Marriages in crisis, Linda Allcock 

19 Jan 2023

Sin & Atonement, Natalie Brand 
God’s Sovereignty in Salvation, Natalie Brand 
Supporting Parenting, Lena King 

9 Feb 2023

OT Wisdom – Themes in Ecclesiastes, David Green
Faith & Justification, Garry Williams
Supporting single women, Nicola Edkins 

9 Mar 2023

Sanctification – Living the Christian Life, Natalie Brand 
Doctrine of the Church, Natalie Brand 
Caring for those under Pressure, Catherine Haddow 

4 May 2023

The Old in the New, Bill James
Applying Gospel Narrative, Bill James
Lunch Dealing with Conflict, Catherine Haddow 

1 Jun 2023

Understanding Paul’s Letters, Bill James
Letter of James, Bill James
Reaching Women, Julia Jones 

We strongly believe that you will get the greatest benefit from the Flourish courses by attending in person. However, Flourish will also be available for participants to access individually by Zoom if required. The cost for the course will remain the same however you access it.

2023 - 2024 Flourish Course Dates


Flourish Course 2023/24 will be held on Wednesdays this year at London Seminary on the following dates:  


Flourish Midlands Course 2023/24 will be held on Thursdays at Arnold Road Evangelical Church, Nottingham NG5 5HN on the following dates:  

27 September
11 October
15 November
13 December

24 January
21 February
20 March
8 May
5 June

14 September
19 October
16 November
14 December

18 January
15 February
14 March
16 May
13 June

Linda Allcock
Globe Church, London
Sarah Allen
Hope Church, Huddersfield
Natalie Brand
Ralph Cunnington
City Church, Manchester (North)
Angela Davis
Tring Baptist Church
Nicola Edkins
Grace Baptist Church, Southport (North)
Vicki Gardner
Newark Evangelical Church (London)
David Green
London Seminary
Catherine Haddow
Therapeutic Discipleship, Trowbridge (London)
Bill James
London Seminary
Sharon James
The Christian Institute
Luke Jenner
Grace Baptist Church, Halifax (North)
Julia Jones
Grace Baptist Mission, Abingdon
Lena King
Highbury Baptist Church
Leonie Lucas
Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa
Tim McMahon
Serving in Mission
Sally Orwin-Lee
Teaches CCEF courses in the North West (North)
Matthew Roberts
Trinity Church, York (North)
Garry Williams
London Seminary (London)

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