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Our in-person Ethics Study Days and online Study Hours, taught by Matthew Mason, consider what it means to live faithfully as God’s creatures in his world. Sometimes the focus is on a pressing cultural issue, sometimes the days consider more enduring questions of what it means to live a life that is pleasing to God.

These Days and Hours are grounded in the wisdom of the Scriptures, and enriched by the great teachers of the Christian tradition. They also pay careful attention to the roots and fruits of current philosophical and cultural trends. They will help you to understand more clearly and deeply the relationship of ethical questions to the doctrines of the gospel, and the practical implications for Christians and our families, friends, churches, communities, and institutions.

I’m really delighted with the introduction of the “study hours” format. Sometimes a study day seems like too much of a commitment in a busy week whereas an hour a week feels like a treat in the midst of busyness! Each week we’ve picked up from where we left off and no time has been wasted. It’s a brilliant format.”

Ethics Study Day

On Sinful Desire: Understanding and Applying the Biblical Doctrine of Concupiscence

This theological ethics day is taught by Matthew Mason. The doctrine of concupiscence (the evil desires of our sinful nature) has proved controversial among evangelicals in recent years, especially in debates about same-sex attraction. But it is theologically and pastorally vital, and applies far more widely than simply to questions of sexual attraction. The day will consider the history of the doctrine, before explaining the Protestant position and examining connections to vital doctrines like justification, repentance, sanctification, the relationship of sin and temptation, and the sinlessness of the Lord Jesus when he was tempted. There will be exegesis of key biblical passages, consideration of objections to the doctrine, and chance to explore the pastoral applications and significance of what we believe and teach.

Matthew Mason, our Tutor in Ethics, introduces the day:


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Matthew Mason is available to teach this day for groups around the UK. Please get in touch with us via email if you would like to find out more.