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Biblical Studies

Our Biblical Studies Days are designed to help you to deepen your engagement with God’s word, encouraging you in your faith, life, and ministry.

We aim to provide a healthy mix of hermeneutics, exegesis, and biblical theology, paying close attention to historical, social, linguistic, literary, theological, and inter-textual questions, and giving you the tools you need to put lessons to work in practical ministry. 

Study days include exegesis from the original languages, but knowledge of Hebrew and Greek is not required for beneficial participation.

Current Biblical Studies Day

The Rhythm of Salvation History: Making Christological Connections with Confidence

Confused by Chronicles? Daunted by Deuteronomy? Aware of the responsibility to preach Christ from the Old Testament but fearful of making illegitimate or speculative links? Our goal this summer is to help and support you as a Bible teacher – renewing your love for scripture and helping you renew the love of others with God’s help.

Between the expulsion from Eden in Genesis and the tearing of the temple curtain in the gospels, the Bible recapitulates the fall and anticipates God’s coming salvation time-after-time, within individual narratives (think Ruth, Jonah) and also on the metanarratival scale (think Exodus–Judges, 1 Sam–Exile). Understanding this rhythm, and the function of individual texts within it, is a simple but vital step every pastor can take towards a confident exegesis of Christological connections in the Old Testament. Why does Judges make a vital contribution to our understanding of the gospel? Why (and how) should you preach Jesus from Ahab? Discover the answers to these questions and much more at our current Biblical Studies study day.

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Cost: £42.50 (please contact us if you are in pastoral ministry and cannot afford this).

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