Pastors' Academy

Pastoral Retreat

Be Still...

...and Know!

When: March 21 - 22
Where: New Chapel Farm
Cost: £50.00

We are excited to offer our first theological retreat for pastors—a restful opportunity for a small group of pastors (limited spaces) to step away from their daily pressures, fix their eyes on the Lord, and reflect on their walk with him. Join three of the Pastors’ Academy team (Garry Williams, Matthew Mason, and Malcolm MacGregor) at New Chapel Farm in Suffolk for 24 hours of theological teaching on the doctrine of God, structured reflection, prayer, good food, and a walk on the beach at Southwold.

The cost is just £50. We begin at 12:30 on March 21st and finish at 1:30 on the 22nd

You can book for this event here.