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Being in ministry presents specific challenges. John Benton, Director of Pastoral Support, is available to help address some of the issues.

Below is a list of topics that John can speak about. He would usually spend an hour or slightly more on each topic (including discussion), and would cover no more than three topics in a day.

  • What is church leadership?
  • Leadership people will follow
  • Vision for a local church
  • Encouragement for small churches
  • The idol of the ‘successful’ church
  • Knowing your people
  • Why preaching?
  • Preaching in today’s ‘therapy culture’
  • The pastor as husband
  • The pastor as father to his children
  • Time management for pastors
  • The pastor’s holiness
  • The praying pastor
  • Resilience in ministry
  • Forgiveness – handling resentment in ministry
  • Loneliness in ministry
  • Dealing with discouragement
  • What makes a good pastors’ fraternal?