Pastors' Academy

Pastoral Support

Week by week a pastor labours to preach God’s word faithfully. Day by day, he cares for people in the midst of life’s struggles, drawing alongside them in both anguish and joy. Moment by moment, he is engaged in his own spiritual battles.

We know it is tough to be a pastor, which is why our team of four pastoral support workers is available to meet with pastors one-to-one to offer help, prayer, and encouragement.

Between them, our team have over 150 years of pastoral experience. John Benton mainly supports pastors in the south of England, Malcolm MacGregor in the east, Phil Raine in the midlands, and Steven Bowers & Mike Plant both the north of England. For more information about them visit our lecturers page.

Our pastoral team’s one-to-one work is free of charge, does not involve mediation in disputes, and is intended to complement existing pastoral support structures. To arrange to meet with one of the team confidentially, or to find out more, get in touch.