Our New ThM – Up and Running!

We are delighted that our new ThM programme from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary now has the green light to go fully live from the Association of Theological Schools. This is excellent news for us since we have had the programme on hold for a while awaiting approval. It means you can apply now to PRTS to come and join us here for the full ThM degree in biblical studies, historical theology, or systematic theology. You can do that here. For many the good news will be that you do not have to learn the additional foreign language for this course that you had to under our previous arrangement (though you do if you stay on for the PhD). For admission you need an MDiv or its equivalent (in UK terms this means a theology degree consisting of the traditional elements). The ThM consists of 10 week long courses that you can take over up to 6 years. You do 6 in your concentration, 3 others, and 1 in research methods. If you do a thesis then you only take 8 courses. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss how the ThM works and whether it would be suitable for you, or to arrange to visit one of the classes.