Norman Wells


We are sad to report the death of Norman Wells on 1 April.

Norman was a student at the Seminary 1989-91.  He went on to become Director of Family Education Trust from 2004.  Norman was a clear thinker and a gifted writer.  His faithful campaigning was built on diligent research.  Not only did he produce materials for the Family Education Trust, his articles were published in both Christian and national secular media.

Our lecturer in bioethics John Ling said Norman was “quiet but always insightful, thorough and reliable in whatever he said or wrote. He was easy to admire and love. It was our privilege to know Norman. We honour the man, but we bless his Saviour.”

Revd Roger Hitchings added: “We have lost a true Christian gentleman, the epitome of gentleness, faithfulness and passion for Christ’s honour. May we serve as faithfully and be equally ready when our call home comes.”

Norman leaves his wife Nicola, and nine children.

A personal appeal has been set up to support the family