New Pastoral Support Worker for the North

At this difficult time we are pleased to be able to expand our provision of pastoral support for pastors. Steven Bowers has just started with us based in the north of England alongside John Benton in the south and Malcolm MacGregor in the east. As he explains below, Steven was a pastor for 36 years so like John and Malcolm he has lots of wisdom to share. He is available to meet with pastors in the north 1:1 (as the rules allow) to provide ongoing support in conversation and prayer. This might mean anything from a routine review through to help in a serious crisis. Because this part of our ministry is funded by a generous gift there is no charge for meeting with Steven. 
Enough from me – here is Steven introducing himself…
“Hello, Steven Bowers here. From the beginning of 2021 I have the privilege and blessing of joining the team at London Seminary’s Pastors’ Academy. I will be involved with the pastoral support aspect of the work under the wise direction of John Benton. It is with real satisfaction that I take up this role for some very good reasons – it is really needed, the ministry is now well established, has already proved of great value and has some great people behind it.
Some receiving this email will already know me through various connections but of course many will not.  Until the end of October 2020 I was Director of the European Missionary Fellowship having worked for the mission for five years.  Prior to this I had been involved with EMF, teaching for 15 years in the School of Biblical Studies and serving as a Trustee for six years. Before working full time with EMF, I was Pastor of Cornerstone Church Brighouse (FIEC), West Yorkshire for 36 years from the 1980 until 2016.
Having spent over half my life as a pastor and working alongside many other pastors I value the work they do and am keen to be part of a network that exits to support and strengthen their ministries. If it is true that experience is the best teacher then I have had many lessons! I realise, however, that whilst many issues recur again and again, times have changed greatly and pastors today face pressures unimagined even ten years ago.
The twin tasks of faithfully preaching God’s word and caring of God’s flock remain as urgent as ever. And whilst there are many blessings in the work the challenges and pressures seem to multiply. As men seek to fulfil the ‘noble task’ in a complicated age, the Pastors’ Academy provides significant help and I am glad to be a part of it as we seek by God’s grace to serve those who serve Him.”
If you would like to get in touch with Steven you can do so directly on  or via our administrator Hadden on