Michael Allen Teaching on John Webster’s Theology

We are delighted to have Dr. Michael Allen teaching an online class for our PRTS ThM students in partnership with the Greystone Theological Institute. The class is open to auditors as well as creditors, so you can join without committing to the degree – perhaps as a prelude to doing so in the future!

Michael is the John Dyer Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and a presbyterian teaching elder. He has written many books and essays on topics in Christian doctrine and is currently preparing a co-edited companion to the theology of John Webster for Eerdmans and also the T & T Clark reader in John Webster.

If you don’t know much about John Webster or why his work merits the attention of busy pastors you can hear Matthew Mason (our Tutor in Ethics) interview Michael about him here. Suffice to say as a start that Webster’s body of writing, especially from his later years, presents an astonishingly rich and instructive feast for our theology proper.

The course will involve a close study of Webster’s writings. Students will grow in their ability to read his texts directly and to appreciate the systematic framework of his thought more broadly. In viewing his work closely and broadly alike, its relationship to other theologians will be examined, beginning with his early work on modern Protestant theology and moving through to his later, extended engagement of early fathers, medieval doctors, and post-Reformation Reformed scholastics. His practice of theology will be examined with respect to various doctrines (e.g. God, covenant, church) as well as with respect to its underlying methodological approach to “theological theology” as an exercise in “biblical reasoning.”

The course will be taught online from 30th June to 3rd July with the following daily themes:

30 June | Introduction and Methodology
1 July | God
2 July | Creatures
3 July | Ecclesiology and Ethics

Registration is required and a late fee applies for registrations after June 2.

Our PRTS ThM students should register for the course by emailing the registrar.

Non-PRTS students should register directly with the Greystone Theological Institute to audit or credit.

The fees for the course are $199 to audit or $1074 to credit.