The London Seminary family is saddened by the loss of our Trustee Jeremy Marshall, who died on Sunday 13 August. Jeremy was a remarkable man, full of zeal for the cause of the Gospel, who made an incalculable contribution to the cause of Christ.

Jeremy was the son of John Marshall, pastor of Alexandra Road Congregational Church in Hemel Hempstead. John is remembered in particular in two ways. He had a passion for bringing the Gospel to those outside the church, and would regularly preach in the open air. He also had a great heart for needy believers elsewhere in the world. Family summer holidays were used smuggling Bibles and other books into Eastern Europe, and seeking to encourage these brothers and sisters in Christ.

When Jeremy was converted he became like his father, a wholehearted servant of Christ. He studied history at Cambridge University, and had a successful career in banking, becoming CEO of Hoare’s Bank, the oldest privately owned bank in the UK. He was keen to share his gifts and experience in the Christian world. He was involved in the development of Stewardship as an important vehicle for supporting Christian ministries, and would ultimately become a founder of Kingdom Bank to provide loans for churches and other agencies. His work and example was used to inspire and encourage others to be generous in supporting Gospel causes, and he was involved with Gospel Patrons and Generous Journey.

In 2013 Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer, and initially given only 18 months to live. This proved to be the beginning of a new chapter in his life, as he devoted himself with renewed focus to the cause of the Gospel. Like his father, he had a great concern for those around him who were lost. Jeremy became a pioneer of the One to One Bible studies as a means of sharing the Gospel with personal friends and contacts. At one stage he was meeting up with 20 individuals to study the Bible together. A number came to faith in Christ through this ministry. Jeremy wrote a little book “The Big C” on his own experience of cancer; this was widely circulated and used to share the Gospel. Jeremy was in demand in meetings up and down the country, giving his testimony at evangelistic meetings. He was chair of Christianity Explored.

Jeremy’s concern for needy believers across the world was expressed by his commitment to Christian Books Worldwide and Pastor Training International, both of which he chaired. These charities would ultimately merge as Equipping Pastors Worldwide. Jeremy’s links with Eastern Europe from childhood continued, especially in Serbia, as he supported and encouraged the work there.

As Trustee and Treasurer of London Seminary, Jeremy would often challenge us to try new things and move the ministry forwards. He was keen to encourage Gospel work wherever he had opportunity, and built up an extraordinary network of friends and contacts. He was unfailingly generous with his own resources, and also linked up individuals and organisations where they could be of mutual help.

For all his great gifts, Jeremy was full of grace and humility, and infectious enthusiasm. His personal interests included lifelong support for Watford FC, where he had the opportunity to give a half-time testimony on the pitch on match day towards the end of his life. His blog: God, Gold, and Generals, reflected some of his interests.

Only eternity will tell the breadth and depth of the impact made by Jeremy in the lives of those he knew personally, and others whom he helped in the UK and around the world. He was a giant among us.

We remember his widow Jeanette and family as they grieve their loss. We look forward in hope to the day of resurrection.