The Woke Agenda: why pastors must take notice
10:00 am

There is a struggle going on right now which has the potential to fracture Western society and devastate the churches. That may sound somewhat over dramatic but it is true. The struggle is ultimately about authority – whether we will be guided by facts or feelings. People in our congregations are caught up in this in their places of work and their schools.
In this struggle even simple words like ‘love’, ‘hate’, ‘male’, ‘female’ have altered their meanings. Also a whole plethora of new words and phrases have entered our dictionaries – like ‘intersectionality’ and ‘cancel culture’. Someone can lose their livelihood, simply for saying the wrong thing. Welcome to the world of ‘Woke’.

On Thursday 23rd February we will be holding a Study Day at London Seminary about Woke and Woke-ness. We will be trying to think through the challenges that this movement is presenting to Bible Christians and Bible churches. Please come along or join us online.

Order of the Day:
10.00-10.30 – arrive
10.30-11.30 – ‘Woke’ and why it is a problem – John Benton
11.30-12.00 – Coffee Break
12.00-1.00 – The way ‘Woke’ folk think and act – John Benton
1.00-2.00 – Lunch
2.00-3.15 – How ‘Woke-ness’ influences the church – Steve Bowers