Preaching the God-Man: Defending and Delighting in the Incarnation
10:00 am

Preaching the God-Man: Defending and Delighting in the Incarnation:

Neil Martin will bring some of the best of recent biblical scholarship that demonstrates an incarnational Christology, and Garry Williams will draw insights from the high points of patristic reflection and analytic theology to help us understand more of the coherence and implications of the biblical doctrine. We are very excited to make some of the wonderful insights in this rich literature accessible for pastors. Our desire is that we would honour the Son by speaking, teaching, and preaching rightly of him. What could be more important in our theology?


Cost: £42.50 for the day

(Refreshments provided only. There are lots of places to grab lunch nearby, including Tesco and local market stalls.)

Address: St Andrew the Great Church, St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge, CB2 3AX

Parking: no parking available, use Grafton Centre Car Park or Park and Ride.