Ethics Study Days

The Wounded it Heals: The Gospel and the Ethics of Transgender, with Matthew Mason.


A pastor who attended this day the last time it ran comments: ‘What a fantastic day! Like all PA study days this one was intellectually stimulating as cobwebs were dispelled and the participants had to think hard without feeling totally out of our depth.  On this particular study day I enjoyed not only getting more informed about transgenderism, but thinking the subject through theologically with reference to the wider cultural context in which we find ourselves. Matthew led us with winsome confidence. And all along there was pastoral application. What was so spiritually enriching was the emphasis on the hope of the gospel in dealing with transgender people.’
Matthew will be teaching this day several times, starting next week:

13th October: online.
11th November: in person at London Seminary.
For pastors outside the UK online and at suitable times on:

1st December: for the Americas.
8th December: for Asia and Australasia.
26th January: on GMT. 
You can book here for these days.

We hope to be able to offer this day on the road around the UK next calendar year – do get in touch with us if you would like Matthew to visit your area.