01. Biblical

The Bible stands at the centre of all we believe and do.

We hold the Scriptures in their entirety to be God’s Word – to all peoples in all ages – infallible and inerrant.

Each day at London Seminary includes exposition of the Word. We give substantial time to learning the biblical languages, exegeting the biblical text, and grasping the biblical message in its fullness.

02. Theological

The Scriptures need to be understood in their entirety and as a unity.

So we train students to understand the big story-line of the Bible, with its major themes and doctrines. We do this from the perspectives of biblical, systematic, historical and pastoral theology.

Our teaching stands in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation.

03. Contemporary

The Bible’s message needs to be communicated to every generation.

We help students understand the mindset, presuppositions and preoccupations of the society in which they’ll be ministering. And we examine how the Bible’s message can be communicated effectively in the 21st century.

04. Practical

The work of pastoring and preaching shapes all we do.

This gives a special ethos to the course. It ensures that lectures, seminars and workshops are moulded to address real pastoral and practical issues.

Most of our lecturers are in full-time pastoral work. Each student takes part in our church mentoring scheme and church placements.

05. Affordable

We keep our fees as low as possible.

Our aim is that money should not be an obstacle to training with us – we want anyone who is suitably qualified to be able to come to London Seminary.

Bursaries are available to help those who would otherwise find it difficult to join the course.

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