This module focuses in on some of the specifics – practical things that are likely to come up in the context of ministry in the local church.

We cover: the pastor’s care of himself, his wife and family; pastoral care of a congregation; principles of leadership; pastoral counselling; church organisation and administration; leading worship; and marriage and family.

Module Outline

Pastoral Studies

Main lecturers: Bill James, David Magowan

  • Christian Living
  • The Pastor and Financial Integrity
  • Care of the Elderly
  • The Life of a Pastor
  • Principles of Pastoring from the Pastoral Epistles
  • Leadership
  • Counselling
  • Pastoral Issues
  • Church Government 

Lectures take place approximately fortnightly on Friday mornings, 10:20 - 13:00, apart from those on Church Government, which take place on two Thursdays, 10:20 - 16:00.


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