Course structure

All students begin the course in September. Each year is made up of three terms, totaling thirty weeks of study.

The full-time course takes two years to complete. Students attend lectures Tuesday to Friday.

The part-time course takes four years to complete. Students attend lectures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the first two years, and on Thursdays and Fridays for the third and fourth years. It is also possible to take the course over three years (part-full-part time).

It is also possible to be a modular student, taking one or more individual modules.  

The course is made up of ten modules, each of which takes two years to complete. Biblical languages and most of the preaching module are taught in separate year-groups. In the other modules, all year-groups are taught together.   

Our lecturers are experienced pastors - men who want to equip students for the realities of ministry life.

The course runs on a fortnightly timetable:

Note: Old Testament and New Testament theology days take place on some Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the year.

Practical Experience

Training for pastoral ministry and preaching is essentially vocational. Practical experience is therefore an important and integral component of the course at London Seminary.

All students are placed with a mentoring church, which could be the student's home church or a church near our campus. The mentoring church will provide a local church home for the student and any family he has. It will also provide opportunities to serve and to use his pastoral and preaching gifts. 

Students benefit from a three week church placement during the Spring Term, and the option of a longer placement during the summer vacation. Placements are arranged with partner churches in full consultation with the student and his home church.

Morning worship provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in leading worship and preaching, and to receive feedback on this from faculty members.

There are also plenty of opportunities for students to preach and lead meetings at a variety of churches during their time at London Seminary.


Each year a full-time student will need to complete the following assignments:

  • Four essays (usually 3000 words each)
  • Two seminar presentations
  • Four seminar written reflections (1500 words each)
  • Greek and Hebrew homework and tests

Part-time students will complete half of this each year.

Students are expected to complete assignments to a high standard, meeting deadlines and demonstrating the diligence, resourcefulness and accountability that would be required of them on an academic course, and in Christian ministry.

The course is intensive and students need to be disciplined with their time. In addition to summative assessment and preaching opportunities inside and outside the Seminary, students are expected to prepare thoroughly for lectures by reading texts set by the lecturers.


Throughout the course, students participate in an appraisal process designed to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to develop skills relevant to the Christian ministry.

The appraisal process takes place in consultation with the teaching staff and is based on:

  • Assessment of written work and other assignments.
  • ​Evaluation of students' preaching and pastoral qualities exhibited within the community of the Seminary.
  • ​Reports from mentors at placement churches.


Our focus is training men for pastoral and preaching ministry.

Historically, our course has not led to a formal qualification, as we believe men should be motivated to study at seminary by a desire to prepare for gospel ministry. This remains our focus, however our ministry partner Carey International University of Theology (CIUT) in Florida awards a diploma to students successfully completing our two-year course. There is also an option to take further online study with CIUT to qualify for a degree.

Some of our students who complete the two-year course go on to take the ThM degree through the Pastors' Academy, subject to meeting entrance requirements.


For more information about admissions, including information about fees and how to apply, visit our Admissions pages.

We are not able to take applications from those who require a visa to study in the UK.

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