Flourish will be running in two locations in 2018/19:

Flourish London Programme
Flourish North Programme

Flourish is a course for women who want to be more thoroughly equipped to serve. The course is designed for women (including ministry wives) who are active in a recognised role in their church involving ministry to other women.

With teaching on everything from the doctrine of God, to supporting parenting, to responding biblically to our culture, Flourish covers both in-depth theology and practical issues from ministry life.

Our teaching will stretch you, helping you grow your understanding, with opportunities to learn from the experiences of others.

Course Breakdown

Location: North London or North of England
(please indicate in your application which location you are applying for)
Applications for 2018-19 are closed, however we are currently taking applications for 2019-20.

Duration: Nine days throughout the year, beginning September 2018. You need to be able to commit to all nine days in order to apply for the course.

Times: Sessions each day will run 10:30 – 11:30, 11:45 – 13:00, 14:00 – 16:00

Cost: £485 per year

In the mornings, you will take part in biblical and doctrinal study sessions. You will need to complete the set reading before each session. There will be no assignments or exams to write. 

Afternoons are focused on practical topics relevant to women’s ministry (the order of the sessions will vary depending on location). You will also be set questions to be discussed between sessions with a mentor from your local area.

The course is designed to stretch and develop your understanding. It is not recommended for complete newcomers to ministry.


Linda Allcock - Globe Church, London
Lewis Allen - Hope Church, Huddersfield (North)
Sarah Allen - Hope Church, Huddersfield
Chris Bennett - London Seminary
Ann Benton - Author and Conference Speaker, Guildford
Ralph Cunnington - City Church, Manchester (North)
David Green - London Seminary
Catherine Haddow - Therapeutic Discipleship, Trowbridge (London)
Luke Jenner - Grace Baptist Church, Halifax (North)
Julia Jones - Grace Baptist Mission, Abingdon
Annie Leggett - Chessington Evangelical Church
Leonie Lucas - Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa
Sally Orwin-Lee - Teaches CCEF courses in the North West (North)
Matthew Roberts - Trinity Church, York (North)
Garry Williams - London Seminary (London)


Morning Sessions

Applying OT Narrative

Doctrine of God: the Trinity

Afternoon Sessions

Womanhood - a Biblical Understanding

We'll consider what the Bible has to say about womanhood, comparing this with feminist and other perspectives. We'll also explore the need for self-care, to help us live godly lives and minister without burn-out.



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