That said, a man with gifts needs to be trained if he is to use his gifts effectively.

The preaching module at London Seminary provides clear, practical instruction on sermon preparation, the structuring of a sermon, preaching from the different genres of Scripture and ensuring that preaching is centred on Christ.

We emphasise that preaching is more than simply the effective communication of the results of sound exegesis. It involves argument, persuasion, exhortation, urgency and passion. 

Above all, it requires a prayerful dependence upon the Holy Spirit, that the preacher may proclaim the words of Christ with divine power and authority.

This module combines workshops and seminars as well as more formal lectures, and it includes instruction in voice production.

Students have regular opportunities to expound the Bible in times of worship at the Seminary, to preach on Sundays in local churches, and to take Bible studies and mid-week meetings.

Module Outlines


Main lecturer: Chris Bennett

  • Introduction to and principles of preaching
  • Characteristics of good preaching
  • Sermon preparation
  • Preaching from different parts of Scripture
  • Preaching in different contexts

Preaching is taught in separate year groups throughout the course


Voice Production

Lecturer: David Bond

First-Year students only


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