The aim of this module is to help students think about the attitudes and assumptions of the people they will minister to.

Common ideas about truth, the place of religion in society, sexuality and ethics have shifted dramatically in the past few decades.

Secular humanists have become much more aggressive in their opposition to the gospel. And the relativism of a postmodern culture shapes people’s assumptions about religion.

We help students examine trends in society, equipping them to meet the challenges that they represent in gospel proclamation and pastoral ministry today.

The module is made up of three parts:

  • Patterns of Western thought – examining prevailing attitudes and assumptions in the Western world about the big issues of life.
  • Ethics, and the principles underpinning ethical systems.
  • Christendom – studying the main denominations and movements of the Christian church, in its broadest sense, to understand the beliefs, attitudes, issues and practices that evangelicals may encounter in pastoral ministry.

Module Outlines

Contemporary Studies

A number of lecturers with a wide range of expertise teach on the Contemporary Studies Module.

  • Western Society
  • Christendom
  • Ethics
  • Life & death issues


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