The main sections of the course are:

Mentoring and placements

All students are placed with a mentoring church during their time at London Seminary.

This could be the student’s home church, or a church near our campus in London. 

The mentoring church will provide a local church home for the student and any family he has. It will also provide opportunities to serve and to use pastoral and preaching gifts.

In addition, we have relationships with churches across the UK, and many of these churches are able to take students on placement for several weeks at a time, outside term.


Our focus is training men how to pastor and preach. 

Historically, our course has not led to a formal qualification, as we believe men should be motivated to study at Seminary by a desire to prepare for gospel ministry. 

However, the visa rules now require us to run a course that leads to a recognised qualification. For that reason, we have entered into an arrangement with Carey International University of Theology in Florida, whereby students successfully completing our two-year course will be awarded a diploma.


Throughout the course, students participate in an appraisal process designed to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to develop skills relevant to the Christian ministry.

The appraisal process takes place in consultation with the teaching staff and is based on:

  • Assessment of written work and other assignments.
  • Evaluation of students’ preaching and pastoral qualities exhibited within the community of the Seminary.
  • Reports from mentors at placement churches.

Students are expected to complete assignments to a high standard, meeting deadlines and demonstrating the diligence, resourcefulness and accountability that would be required of them on an academic course, and in Christian ministry. 


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